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The Global Initiatives Team under the Office of International Affairs has vast experience in facility, clinical and educational program development that involve a strategic and culturally sensitive approach. We have partnered with governments, private investment groups and public organizations in the delivery of quality clinical care and medical education, building sustainable capacity and impactful outcomes. With the launch of our new Virtual Learning Institute, we are interested in pursuing the following models for collaboration with an ongoing international partner: 

Education and Training 

Education and Training programs with Weill Cornell Medicine are geared at establishing collaborative academic exchanges with reputable institutions abroad and promoting educational advancements in medicine. Examples of programs under Education & Training include but are not limited to: 

  • Faculty and/or student exchanges between an institution abroad and WCM in New York City 

  • The development of a nursing training program and nursing service 

  • The development of a fully operational CME training ground or Education Center for administrators, clinicians and allied health professionals, with access to tele-education services at WCM

  • We also offer more in depth education advisory services that you can learn more about here

For organizations seeking remote training options, Weill Cornell Medicine is pleased to announce the launch of its Virtual Learning Institute, an online library of content modeled after an Ivy-league medical curriculum. Click here to learn more.

Clinical & Research Collaboration

Collaborations of this nature include opportunities to affiliate with key international providers to expand research endeavors and facilitate access to medical care or clinical trials at WCM. Program examples include but are not limited to:

  • Expanding clinical trials 

  • Multi-site research collaborations 

  • Preferred provider for Medical Second Opinions  

Consulting for Clinical Operations or Facility Development

For international healthcare providers who are developing new programs or updating old clinical models, WCM’s team of subject matter experts are able to provide support that utilizes international standards in facility design and clinical planning that optimizes current operational best practices. Examples include but are not limited to: 

  • Assistance in the layout and design of a new outpatient clinic or Greenfield hospital that comply with FGI guidelines
  • Review of and recommendations for improvement for an existing clinical service 

  • Assistance in obtaining Joint Commission International Accreditation 

  • Operations and training support for key ancillary services (e.g. laboratory medicine, CSSD, pharmacy, etc.) 

  • Development of a new obstetrics and gynecology service for an existing hospital 

  • Assistance and development of a simulation center. To learn more about our Skills Acquisition and Innovation Lab click here

Branded Collaborations & Affiliations

WCM is open to Collaborations & Affiliations with international institutions that include a level of WCM branding and oversight, both clinical and managerial, directly connecting an international provider to WCM’s resources in New York City. Collaborating partners must comply with WCM quality standards to maintain branding. Examples include:

  • Independent service lines that are affiliated with WCM (e.g. neurosciences, oncology, etc.) 

  • An existing provider that affiliates with WCM, allowing WCM to have quality, patient safety, and operational oversight of clinical operations 

  • WCM CME Education Center affiliated with an existing provider

Management & Operations

Management and Operations involve WCM in the overall management and operations of a fully-branded service line or full hospital facility. This includes complete management of clinical operations by WCM, with quality and safety control and rollout of clinical policies and protocols by WCM. Resources provided would include local WCM leadership.

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Nigel Mongan
Nigel MonganPh.D.
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