Travel Resources

We want to ensure our staff, faculty and students are covered when they travel abroad. The OIA is proud to partner with the Office of Risk Management and the Benefits Office to provide all WCM personnel and students with the following resources when traveling on behalf of WCM:

International Travel Assistance Program

WCM Is proud to arm its faculty, staff and students with 24/7 medical, travel and security assistance. Coverage is provided by International SOS. Learn more.​

International Travel Registry

It is required by the institution for all faculty, staff and students to register any travel on behalf of WCM with us. Registering your trip allows you to receive real-time alerts and notices that are specific to your travel and facilitates WCM emergency support when needed.​

Weill Cornell Travel Medicine Clinic

Before you travel, visit WCM’s Travel Medicine Clinic will provide travel advice and immunizations necessary for your travel. ​

Student Health Benefits & Resources

50% of our medical students participate in an international elective by the time they graduate, and WCM ensures that are students are safe through medical and travel benefits found here.​

Data Security

Our IT department provides guidance on how to safeguard and protect your data and devices while abroad.​

Policies & Procedures

For more information, please review Cornell University’s International Travel Policy here.​

Export Control - International Travel

International travel regulations and restrictions.


Travel Guide

Download our travel guide, which includes the above information to reference WCM resources and support services when traveling abroad.​

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