GHESKIO Centers​


After noting the very first case of AIDS in Haiti, WCM physician Dr. Jean Pape began this program to train and treat cases of HIV/AIDs and Tuberculosis. Currently GHESKIO centers are the largest provider of HIV and TB treatment in Latin America.​

By partnering with WCM, GHESKIO has developed a cadre of over 100 Haitian clinical research investigators and train 500 Haitian health professionals in the treatment of HIV/AIDS and TB.​

The Centers receive over 100,000 patients annually, covering most services free of charge. Thanks to GHESKIO efforts, the prevalence of HIV in the general population has dropped from 6% to below 2% with 70% of people living with HIV presently on treatment plans.

The program also started Master of Public Health and Nurse Practitioner in a neighboring college, where it now educates and graduates 10 MPH and 15 NP candidates annually.

 More information is provided on our Center for Global Health's website.

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